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LOTRiPS Authors

My favorite writer, and dear friend (admiration came first). Vivid situations, striking characters, funny and true dialog, delightful details and surprising sensations. Author of the amazing Convergence-verse, which is a novel-length exploration of an intense relationship with bdsm elements. She writes mainly Billy, Dom, and Elijah, with some excellent excursions into other actors and fictional universes.
Viva Gloria's Imagin'd Glories
Wonderful, literate, detailed, sexy, often romantic; some FPS in various universes, all fabulous. Mainly Viggo and Sean, Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow. Gloria's stories were the first I ever read, brought me into fandom. What a great way to start.
Tends towards thoughtful and even melancholic stories, with the occasional smutty romp; mainly Billy, Dom, Elijah.
Both compulsively readable and stylistically ambitious. And full of wonderful characters; mainly Orlando, some Viggo, Karl, Dom and others in various combinations.
Some of the most beautiful and erotic sex writing I've ever read. Also funny, touching and charming stories. Dom, Orlando, Elijah and others.

more to come....


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