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MSilverstar's LOTRiPS Stories, by Date

WARNING: some stories have explicit depictions of sex
between men and women, men and men, and women and women.
If you're offended by erotica, explicit sex, or gay porn, please go elsewhere

These stories are LOTR RPS -- they use the names of real people
involved in making the Lord of the Rings movies.
And, very occasionally, characters from Tolkien's Middle Earth.
The stories are not true, I made them up

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MSilverstar's mostly-solo stories by date 

December 24, 2006Triangle (ficlet) (Miranda Otto / Karl Urban / Cate Blanchett, NC-17)
November 11, 2006Cockaleekie Soup (drabble) (Viggo Mortensen / Billy Boyd, G)
June 8, 2006Walking Backwards (long) [with nienor_niniel] (Dominic Monaghan / Christine Astin, NC-17)
August 10, 2006Hands Off (drabble) (Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, G)
March 25, 2006Half Fling (drabble) (Billy Boyd / Viggo Mortensen, PG)
December 26, 2005Silence (drabble) (Viggo Mortensen / Billy Boyd, R)
September 20, 2005In Sync (Pamela Racine / Elijah Wood, R)
December 24, 2004 Magic Fingers (Elijah Wood / Billy Boyd, R)
December 21, 2004 Repose (Viggo Mortensen / Ian McKellan, NC-17)
October 25, 2004 Billy's Price (Billy Boyd / Sean Bean, R, written with telesilla)
August, 2003In the Dark (Sean Bean / Viggo Mortensen, R, written for the Lotripping Zine)
May 31, 2004 Take Me Down (Orlando Bloom / Dominic Monaghan, NC-17, D/s)
January 18, 2004 Porridge (Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen, G)
January 1, 2004 Forest and Trees (Sean Bean / Philippa Boyens, PG)
December 26, 2003 Good as Gold (Viggo Mortensen/Marton Csokas, Billy Boyd, NC-17)
December 14, 2003 Master of Disguise (Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan, PG)
November 22, 2003 Volcano (Elijah Wood/Sean Astin/Christine Astin, NC-17)
November 17, 2003 Coffee - drabble (Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen, G)
October 16, 2003 He Knows - drabble (Elijah Wood, Gen)
September 16, 2003 Maté - drabble (Billy Boyd/Viggo Mortensen, PG-13)
September 13, 2003 Burns Night (Haggis) - drabble (Billy Boyd/Viggo Mortensen, PG)
September 1, 2003 Left Hand - drabble (FPS, Sam Gamgee, Gen)
July 22, 2003 Hot February (Miranda Otto/Karl Urban, NC-17, Het)
July 11, 2003 As You Like It: A Play In Eight Cities - drabble (various cast members, Gen)
July 4, 2003 Jalapeño - drabble(Billy Boyd/Viggo Mortensen, PG)
June 28, 2003 Dream Logic - drabble (Elijah Wood, Lawrence Makaore, G)
June 13, 2003 Whistling - drabble (Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, G, Gen)
June 6, 2003 Long Distance - drabble (Billy Boyd/Elijah Wood/Dominic Monaghan , NC-17)
May 19, 2003 Young ficlet (Viggo Mortensen Orlando Bloom, R)
May 1, 2003 What With All That ficlet (Dominic Monaghan /various, R)
April 24, 2003 That Word - drabble (Miranda Otto, various, PG-13, Gen)
April 22, 2003 Bubble - drabble (Peter Jackson/Richard Taylor, PG)
April 12, 2003 What Changed (Sean Astin/Christine Astin, PG-13, Het)
April 10, 2003 Musing - drabble (Hugo Weaving, PG)
April 1, 2003 Twisted Mirror (Sean Bean/Elijah Wood/Sean Astin/David Wenham/Lucifer [Prophecy], NC-17)
March 23, 2003 Revenge - drabble (Philippa Boyens/David Wenham, PG-13, Het)
March 6, 2003 Vodka - drabble(Elijah Wood/Marton Csokas/Billy Boyd, NC-17)
February 23, 2003 Frustration (Philippa Boyens/Billy Boyd, R, Het)
February 7, 2003 Improv (Sean Astin, Philippa Boyens, G)

Collaborative Stories and Universes (more links to come)

2004Orlando Bloom in Sable Knot
2003-2007Billy Boyd in The Establishment

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