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What With All This (Ficlet)

Pairing: Dominic Monaghan / various cast members - LOTR RPS
Rating: R
Author: MSilverstar
Date: May 1, 2003
Feedback: yes please! also constructive criticism of any kind.
Disclaimer: not true, I made it up
Archive: yes, go ahead, please let me know
Notes: Written for the contrelamontre ambiguous ending challenge. Written in about 30 minutes.

What With All This

In LA and Idaho, Dom and Viggo make love, usually sweet and slow, sometimes more urgently, thrusting on the floor.

With Elijah, it's an uncomplicated buddy-fuck, the obvious next step from wresting, tickling or video games. They laugh until they moan, and come with smiles on their faces.

When they're in the same city, Dom and Billy have sex. They're still in tune, subconsciously or telepathically. Each knows what the other wants and likes to give it, switching top and bottom roles without a blink.

A couple of memorable times, Sean Bean shagged Dom into the mattress. He was big and tender and controlling in a sensual way, Dom would do it again any day.

Once, Dom got to worship Ian, to kneel and show him exactly how sexy and desirable he still is. Ian was gracious back, but they've not yet managed a repeat performance.

What with all this, Dom is pretty busy.

He's the glue that keeps the cast together in this after-time, even the ones he's not sleeping with. He sets up the dinners at fancy restaurants and mouth-searing Ethiopian dives. Concierges on three continents do him favors. He's always doing errands for his friends, sending presents, getting them into A-list events, finding great hiding places. Everyone loves Dom and leans on him.

Finally, Dom wonders what he wants.

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