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Some Twisted Mirror

Pairing: (Sean Bean / Elijah Wood / Sean Astin / David Wenham /Prophecy's Lucifer [aka Viggo Mortensen])
Fandom: LOTR RPS / Prophecy FPS crossover
Rating: NC-17
Author: Msilverstar
Date: April 1,1 2003
Warning: religious figure misrepresentation
Feedback: yes please! also constructive criticism of any kind.
Disclaimer: not true, I made it up
Archive: yes, go ahead, please let me know
Notes: This came directly from a dream, and basically wrote itself. I have no idea what it means. Many thanks to Gloria for allowing me to use her Lucifer and for lovely betas from Herself, the gracious Cinzia, and Lobelia, who all helped me believe it was worth posting.

Some Twisted Mirror

It had all the internal inconsistency and bizarre illogic of a dream. It had to have been a dream, grown out of subconscious desires and impossible lusts.

If only they didn't all four remember it.

Sean had been waiting on the Parth Galen set with Elijah and Sean Astin. For some reason it was just the three of them, though Boromir wasn't in this scene with Frodo and Sam. They were passing time, chatting quietly before the big Orc battle.


Then they're not chatting any more, they're half dressed, kneeling in a circle, arms around each other. He is not himself, he's Boromir, aching with desire. There is someone, or something, in the middle of the circle. Its voice, almost familiar, reaches into Boromir-Sean's head.

It says, "open your mouth" and he does, receiving a blazing-hot cock with a shock of delight. Out of the corners of his eyes he can see Frodo-Elijah and Sam-Sean doing the same to cocks in their mouths, worshipping the three-part not-man in front of them.

The rational part of his brain is screaming in terror. The irrational part is sucking and licking as though his life depended on it, stroking the men on each side of him, feeling each sensation as though it's mirrored on his own body.

Suddenly, he and Frodo-Elijah are alone, and Boromir-Sean has only one goal, to get the boy's beautiful cock in his mouth and suck until he explodes. It tastes of cloves and sweat and humanity, so different from the alien cock of before. Frodo-Elijah is twisting under him and Boromir-Sean feels his mouth on his own cock and knows they're both going to come soon and hard.

Sam-Sean is crawling away, towards a cracking noise. Boromir-Sean turns a little and sees Faramir-Dave with a whip. His mind reels. How can this be happening? A lattice of welts appears on Sam-Sean's suddenly bare back as he kneels in front of the other man, his own character's brother, hissing with delight and begging for more.

A red haze takes over Boromir-Sean's sight and he feels himself swallowing Frodo-Elijah's cock, pumping it with his mouth. A sharp crack and lance of pain across his ass and he's coming so hard his body flies apart.


Sean was lying face down in the leaves. He could remember every sensation of the -- dream? -- with perfect fidelity. He looked at Elijah who was spread-eagled on his back, slowly coming to consciousness, looking back at him in disbelief. Sean Astin, fully clothed, was kneeling, sobbing into his hands. This couldn't just have been a dream. But he was not prepared to look over and see Dave, who wasn't supposed to be here at all, sliding down against a tree looking stunned.

Taking a deep breath, Sean said "It's over, mates." He beckoned Dave, who collected Sean Astin and staggered over to Sean and Elijah. He only knew that it could tear their minds apart, and he must not let that happen. He gathered them together with strong arms and murmured comfort and endearments, treating them like his kids when they've had bad dreams. Sean Astin was weeping quietly, Elijah was whimpering and Dave stayed silent. Sean's heart was still racing and he didn't know if it was a good dream or a bad one.

He said, "The fucking weirdest thing, like some twisted mirror." He looked at them all and smiled wryly. "It was me and not me." Sean Astin stopped crying, but they all looked like they'd been deafened by an explosion: dazed and slightly sick.

Sean continued with all the sincere skill at his command, "I've no idea what happened. I don't do boys (sorry Lij, luv) and I don't do pain and I know it's not my bloody subconscious desires 'cause I do what I like. So let's call it a mass hallucination, like UFOs."

Nods all around, he'd talked them through the worst of it. But they couldn't go back to filming, he was sure of that.

Deus ex machina, a sudden thunderstorm, as if on cue, protected them from falling apart on camera. Production assistants came running to get them under cover.

Before letting go, Sean said "Anyone needs to talk, come to me any time". He knew they would.


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